Writing History

Most of my Writings are of Justin Hayward, NYC 1960s, Kevin Kronin, REO, Robin Gibb, Tom Petty, friend from England NYC 1960s, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Beatles, friends from Pennsylvania, all of the musicians I met, Jeff Lynne, dedications to artists in my life, Little Anthony, Michael Jackson, my father, Hollywood 1980s - through 1990s,  Skid Row, Eric Burdon and the Animals. Without meeting all of these superb artists I would not have the writings I do. Slash of Guns and Roses, Leonardo DiCaprio, President Trump, Jon Bon Jovi, Cinderella band, the list goes on and on of fortunate memorable moments in my life. Brian Epstein, Alan Williams, Hendrix, Traffic, Thunderclap Newman, Bobby Vinton and so many more.

I had the pleasure of hanging with Bob Dylan in NYC in the 60s especially at the Cafe Wha, energetic house bands play at former hangout of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Allen Ginsberg & others. I was so fortunate to find so many special artists in the 60s as friends I became a writer. We go back to N.Y.C. together for always. Back to Pennyslvania for awhile, life changes to find then off to Hollywood where I met the rest of the best artists in the world only to return to my roots of the city. I will never forget you Bob now I'm written of over 10,000 writings. I would have to beat him at his own game and I did. haha "The carpet moving under you" reminds me so of a little room I spent some time in with Eric and The Animals when they were sweating rent. I could never have had more fun.

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